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About Me

I have always loved words.  Reading them, writing them, listening to them, singing them.  I roll them around like marbles in my fingers.  

When I was still in elementary school, I decided to "create my own language".  I don't remember what I called it, but I had pages of made up words with their definitions in English.  I drew pictures of imaginary creatures that would speak this language.

Being a lover of language, it was only natural that I would become fascinated with other languages and the people who spoke them.  

This fascination with words led me to study Latin, Japanese, and Spanish.  It led me to major in Creative Writing and Anthropology at Oberlin College.   I spent five months studying and traveling though Spain during my junior year.

Always ready for a challenge, upon graduation, I decided to take a job in Japan teaching English.  It was in Japan that I realized that I love teaching. I decided to combine my love of language and teaching  by getting an advanced degree in a language so that I could teach it.  I had a stronger foundation in Spanish, not to mention some personal ties to people that I knew who spoke Spanish.  So, I returned to the U.S. and received an M.A. in Spanish: Latin American Studies from American University.

Since 1998, I have been lucky to have had many rewarding opportunities to share my passion for language, learning and teaching. I currently teach Spanish at Northern Virginia Community College.