December 6, 2013
Many teachers have discovered the use of small whiteboards in the class.  These are excellent for grammar review (Call out a subject and a verb, have students conjugate in the target tense.  They hold it up so that teacher can see.)  They are also great for oral practice.  Try having students describe monsters (review of body parts), rooms of house and furniture (house vocabulary and prepositions of location/verb estar), or what someone is wearing (clothes).  Their partner listens and draws these things, then they switch roles.  For teachers who are mobile, try putting a blank piece of paper in a plastic sleeve protector, if you are not able to keep a set of whiteboards in your classroom.  You can even ask students to keep them in their binders.  In this case, you would only need to provide the dry erase markers.  Old towels cut-up into little squares make good erasers.

Tips for teachers

December 5, 2013
This is a space for teachers to share strategies for teaching a foreign language.  Please share!  
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