These movies give insight into the culture and history of various Spanish-speaking countries. You may enjoy watching them for your own personal enrichment.  If you are an educator, please preview any movie before showing to see if it is appropriate for your specific audience.  If you have any to suggest, please leave a comment in the blog section of this website.

El Salvador

Voces Inocentes  - Deals with the civil war in El Salvador (1980-1992)


Zoot Suit - Tells the tale of the "zoot suit riots" that rocked Los Angeles in the 1940s.

A Place Called Chiapas (documentary) - Gives history of the Zapatista movement (1994) and the indigenous struggle for civil rights.


Pan's Labyrinth -  Takes places in Spain under Franco's rule.  A blend of fantasy and reality.


Balseros (documentary) - Follows seven Cuban refugees who flee Cuba by raft during the time of Fidel.  


Even the Rain - Based on the controversial issue of water privatization in Bolivia and indigenous rights.

Cocalero (documentary about Evo Morales and his campaign for presidency in Bolivia)


The Motorcycle Diaries  - Chronicles Che Guevara's trip through Latin America by motorcycle (before his time in Cuba).

The Mission - About the Spanish and Portuguese Conquest (18th century) in South America and its effect on the indigenous.

El Norte - Tells the tale of a brother and sister fleeing the Guatemalan civil war, their journey to "the north" and their struggle to survive there.